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Any of us could face a financial crisis due to unforseen events.
Since 1982, the Plus-1 program has provided one-time utility assistance during such hardships.
You hold the power to help those in need by giving to Plus-1 by adding a dollar or more to your utility bill monthly.
You Are Plus-1
There are two safe, easy ways to give.
You hold the power to help your neighbors in need by giving to Plus-1.
Plus-1 is also the 13,000 neighbors who give $1 or more each month to help their neighbors through a crisis.
Why Give to Plus-1?
FACT: Plus-1 is not an entitlement program; rather, it is an emergency assistance program for families who have suffered a loss of income. The majority of those clients have faced a medical emergency or a job loss or reduction in hours.

FACT: Plus-1 provides a small amount of assistance. The average eligible household receives $150 in assistance, plus negotiation with MLGW to establish a payment plan for the rest.

FACT: Plus-1 helps prevent a crisis from getting worse. A utility shut-off is a leading indicator on the trajectory towards homelessness.

FACT: Plus-1 works. 80% of clients who receive Plus-1 assistance still have their utilities on six months later.